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s into the scheme of things for a complete social integration for the professionals to make use of.

Be it the personal website created as a portfolio or the professional layout, social networking remains to be an integral part of the same owing to the resourcefulness and myriad feature sets available. Preferences are analyzed and the best possible networking site is chosen for the given cause.

I was very surprised about the customer services in Stack Ideas. I ended up with purchasing all their amazing products. As the primary end-user during our recent transition to a new website, one of my biggest concerns was the import of content from our previous blog.

Easy Blog allowed this process to be a relatively seamless one.

is easy to install, good default settings, many advanced configurations possible, great system check tool and import/export feature.

Apart from being a common pool for sharing thoughts, having fun and getting to know useful information for countless number of users across the globe, social networking sites have become a medium for other various needs.

“ I think that almost every non-core extension on the site is an RSJoomla!

Your firewall must allow outbound requests on either port .

30 Social Networks Supported: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Yahoo, Pay Pal, Foursquare, Open ID, Live Journal, Steam,, Stack Exchange, Windows Live, Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus, Blogger,,, VKontakte, ... administration area and navigate to Extensions \ Extension Manager.

Then navigate to the Upload Package File panel, click on Browse, select the previously downloaded file and click on Upload File & Install Login to your Joomla!

Once such major area in which these social networking serve is acting as entry points for customers to login in Ecommerce sites.

Default registration processes of most of the Ecommerce stores are lengthy and demand users to enter a list of details in order to get the signing up done.

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