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As for the common complaint that beer “tastes metallic” from a can, I have one question: have you been drinking the beer straight from the can?

Camden Town were the first British brewery to add a canning line in 2013, soon followed in 2014 by two other London brewers, Beavertown and Fourpure, who both have their full ranges of beers in bottles and cans (think cans and bottles taste different? We can also now buy many canned American craft beers on this side of the Atlantic, with more domestic and international brews coming soon. As long as they are filled and stored correctly, bottles and cans are equally effective at eliminating the negative effects of heat and oxygen – but light is another matter.

Ultraviolet light can penetrate glass bottles and react with certain hop compounds, degrading them and, via some beyond-my-brain-capacity chemical reactions, creating 3-methylbut-2-ene-1-thiol.

Bowe says there are significant differences in the outcome of injectables in women and men, so choose a doctor who’s experienced with male patients.

They need to take into account each patient's muscle mass, muscle fiber pattern and hair distribution, according to Bowe.

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