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Voiceover: I see, at age 12, and that's essentially, you go do what your brother's doing, this is your education, I mean, back then...

"The succession to Doctor Franklin at the court of France was an excellent school of humility.”1 So Thomas Jefferson reflected as he prepared notes for a eulogy that would be read in memory of Benjamin Franklin (January 17 (January 6 O.

Barely off the ship, he ran into the first female relationship of his long life: Deborah Read, his landlord’s daughter.

But a newspaper job in England awaited young Ben, so Deborah married a scalawag named John Rodgers, who ran up debts, spent all of Deborah’s dowry and then took off for the West Indies, where it was rumored he was killed.

But without a death certificate, legally Deborah was still married.

That’s the situation Ben found Deborah in eighteen months later, in 1730, when he returned; so he proposed a mutually-beneficial plan to Deborah.

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